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Above The Fold
The area of the webpage that can be viewed without the user scrolling down.

An ad serving platform by Google which allows webmasters/Publishers/bloggers to create an income stream by placing ads on their sites.

When you are affiliated with a company or service. Usually by selling/advertising their products/services for a commission on sales.

The amount you are willing to pay per action. Some platforms offer automatic bidding, which optimizes your bid to help reach objectives. This limits control over how much you pay for each click, view-through, or other objective. Manual bidding allows you to pick a target maximum bid

Customer-completed actions, such as purchasing or adding items to a cart on an e-commerce website.

Impressions / CPM
An impression is one instance of one ad seen by one person. CPM is the media industry measurement of ads.
CPM, stands for, Cost per mille. E.g. “a CPM of Rs.100” means Publisher charged you Rs.100 for one ad viewed 1000 times.

The number of unique people who saw your ad.

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